Faces of Scarborough

Diaspora Dialogues at Nuit Blanche

Scarborough Civic Centre, Committee Room 2


Diaspora Dialogues is pleased to present “Faces of Scarborough,” an interdisciplinary project that will immerse Nuit Blanche audiences in the wonderful nuances of the city in which they live.

Combining the literary and the photographic arts, “Faces of Scarborough” is a two-pronged event aimed at reflecting the different ethnicities, languages and backgrounds that make Toronto – specifically Scarborough – the unique city that it is today.

First, audio recordings of multi-lingual readings by Scarborough-based poets will be played back through speakers around the room. Each speaker will transmit a different poem, a different language and therefore a different experience for festival-goers to connect to. Next, photographs of different people across Scarborough’s many neighbourhoods will be projected onto the walls in a curated montage.