The Art of Rhetoric

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Citadel Collective, 59 Spencer Ave, Toronto Canada

The right words in the right order are able to tangibly change reality. Know how to use your words and you know how to make magic.

Learn from the greats as we dissect and explore the nuances of rhetorical devices and effective persuasion. From Shakespeare to Fred Rogers, we will talk about what it takes to shift reality with words.

There will be a few in-class exercises but nothing need be brought in and there will be no homework.

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CITADEL in not your average creative writing school. Seeing a need for innovative and forward-thinking creative organisations, we have established a space where writers and artists receive forward thinking guidance. Pulling on the expertise of founder Robin Richardson, as well as guest mentors and lecturers, we provide not only individualised feedback and career guidance, but also a space for play, exploration, learning, and networking.

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