When Women Write

Panel Discussion

Harbourfront Centre


Join this unique and frank conversation between four diverse Canadian women writers — Loren Edizel, Susan Glickman, C. Fong Hsiung and Tehmina Khan — whose latest novels involve powerful female characters struggling with oppression in the world around them. Relating to their books, these authors will reflect on what it means to be a “woman writer” – a label that is warmly embraced by some authors yet strongly rejected by others. Is this label, in our contemporary context, a valid categorization, or does it pigeon-hole, maybe even marginalize, women writers? And how does the “woman writer” label intersect with cultural, ethnic, and other diversities?

Hosted and moderated by Nora Gold, a writer herself and the organizer of the “Wonderful Women Writers” reading series (where all four authors have read), this will be a riveting conversation on a topic rarely explored in depth.