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17 for 2017: Casey Mecija recommends Tropical Renditions: Making Musical Scenes in Filipino America

By Chase Joynt


5. Tropical Renditions: Making Musical Scenes in Filipino America by Christine Bacareza Balance recommended by Casey Mecija.


Throughout my tenure as the December Writer-In-Residence, I will be assembling a list of 17 must-read-books for 2017. To accomplish this numerically satisfying task, I have asked 17 people whose work I adore to suggest one title for the list. Consult the end of each post for the growing list of recommendations!  

Long before I had the personal pleasure of Casey Mecija’s company, I had access to her music. As the long time lead-singer of the orchestral-pop band Ohbijou, Mecija has been a staple of the Toronto indy-music scene since the early 2000’s. In 2016, Casey launched her first solo-project, Psychic Materials, a stunning sonic meditation on queerness, diaspora and love. The album strategically employs affect and its ever-bending articulations, to create space for otherworldly encounters and intimacies. When I am feeling out-of-sorts, I often re-visit this performance video from 2012, and am reminded of the many communities emboldened by and through Mecija's inspired music making. Here is Casey’s latest public offering, a music video for Sounds That Mark Our Works from Psychic Materials, made in collaboration with May Truong and Hannah Dyer.

From Casey: 

The book that has left an irreversible mark on my thinking is Christine Bacareza Balance’s Tropical Renditions: Making Musical Scenes in Filipino America. This book fortuitously came into my life at a time where my academic research was struggling to find a language that fit with my personal experiences as a Filipino musician and performer. Balance’s book provides “disobedient” examples from music, film, literature and visual arts that test the confinement of Filipino/a performing bodies to expectations of cultural authenticity. I felt a sense of relief and hope in her words - she has helped me to imagine the possibilities of diasporic experience that oscillate somewhere between desire and incommensurability. Balance’s book uses performance theory and critical Filipino/a studies to make new meaning and futures from the histories of violence that have resulted from colonialism. She pushes her reader to consider what social conditions dictate how the Filipino/a performing body is consumed. Balance argues for a method of “disobedient listening” that “disavows a belief in the promises of assimilation by keeping one’s ears open to hidden and distant places not of this world” (p. 5). 

Other must haves: The Better Story: Queer Affects from the Middle East by Dina Georgis, The Melancholy of Race: Psychoanalysis, Assimilation and Hidden Grief by Anne Anlin Cheng and Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin.

Stay tuned as we build the ultimate 2017 reading list! A new suggestion from an inspired thinker emerges every-other-day for the month of December on open-book.ca.

17 for 2017:

1. Mariko Tamaki recommends The Land of Forgotten Girls

2. Sheila Heti recommends The Normal Personality: A New Way of Thinking about People

3. Vivek Shraya recommends The Mothers

4. Kate Bornstein recommends Siddhartha



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