Shani Mootoo & Jane Urquhart

The Koffler’s Books & Ideas series is pleased to present the official Canadian launch of Shani Mootoo’s latest novel in an online conversation with Jane Urquhart.

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In Polar Vortex, Shani Mootoo’s highly anticipated new novel, couple Priya and Alexandra move to a picturesque countryside town, only to have their quiet lives upended by the reappearance of a figure from one of the woman’s pasts. Seductive and tension-filled, Polar Vortex is a story of secrets, deceptions, and revenge. The Globe and Mail writes: “Polar Vortex is an unsettling novel about how secrets always come back to get us – especially the secrets we’ve managed to keep from ourselves.” In an online conversation with another of Canada’s best-loved writers, Jane Urquhart.

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