What's Your Story? - Etobicoke

A Celebration of Reading and Writing in Etobicoke

The Assembly Hall, 1 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive, Etobicoke

Hosted by novelist and critic Antanas Sileika.


Readings By Contest Winners


Established, award-winning author David James Brock and emerging Etobicoke writers: Lorrayne Anthony, Novka Cosovic and Margot Lettner.


Inspiring Workshops for Writers

Setting the Scene

Every person has a character and so does every place — pick up a few tips on making the background your fictional characters move through as vivid as the narratives they inhabit with novelist and former director of The Humber School for Writers, Antanas Sileika.

Writing Dialogue

In this workshop, participants will look at techniques used to craft dialogue that is motivated by character agenda with award-winning author David James Brock. By focusing on rhythm, conflict, tactics, and subtext, we will look at how to reveal your characters by the things they say — and the way they say things.


Join us as we gather to honour the stories and the voices of Etobicoke.


Presented by the Ontario Book Publishers Organization and Arts Etobicoke, thanks to the support of the Toronto Arts Council.