What's Your Story? - North York

A Celebration of Reading and Writing in North York

Barbara Frum Library, 20 Covington Road, Toronto

Hosted by poet, composer, and percussionist Benjamin Hackman.


Readings for Contest Winners


Established, award-winning author Elyse Friedman and emerging North York writers: Jennilee Austria, Robyn Hamilton and David Stokes.


Inspiring Workshops For Writers

Ever wonder how to read a poem?

Poet Bardia Sinaee will uncover the mysteries of truly understanding and enjoying poetry in a short workshop, How to Read a Poem. Discover the ways to unpack and interpret the poem’s form and content, its sounds and images.

Ten Things I Hate About Me

Poet and composer Benjamin Hackman will guide participants on an exploration of personal identity, and help highlight some of the ways in which the poetic process may be used to renegotiate parts of one’s self in order to overcome creative and emotional blocks.


Join us as we gather to honour the stories and the voices of North York.


Presented by the Ontario Book Publishers Organization and North York Arts, thanks to the support of the Toronto Arts Council.