What's Your Story? - Scarborough

A Celebration of Reading and Writing in Scarborough

Scarborough Arts, Harrison Properties, 1859 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Hosted by author, artist educator and spoken word artist Sheniz Janmohamed.


Readings By Contest Winners


Established, award-winning playwright and novelist Cordelia Strube and emerging Scarborough writers: Marcus “Roi” Medford, Téa Mutonji, and Catherine Raine.


Engaging Workshops For Writers

What’s your Story? Memory of place

We all store memories in places around the city, whether it’s at the corner store, cafe, or local park. This city is a palimpsest of memory, waiting for us to peel back the layers. In this workshop Sheniz Janmohamed will encourage participants to excavate their own stories from the places in which their memories reside, and bring them into the light again.


Join us as we gather to honour the stories and the voices of Scarborough.


Presented by the Ontario Book Publishers Organization and Scarborough Arts, thanks to the support of the Toronto Arts Council.