Featuring Ayaz Pirani and Carl Watts, with Mike Chaulk, Kevin Heslop, Khashayar Mohommadi, and Aaron Schneider.

K|F|B East – Great Escape Bookstore, 957 Kingston Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 1S8

Gordon Hill Press

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Join GHP and K|F|B for a covid catch-up party and launch on Sunday, May 15, 3:00 PM EDT @ K|F|B East – Great Escape Bookstore (957 Kingston Road)

The event features readings by Ayaz Pirani and Carl Watts from our Spring 2022 Season, plus more great Gordon Hill Press authors from past seasons who never got an in-person launch due to covid, including Mike Chaulk, Kevin Heslop, and Khashayar Mohommadi.

Here's a little about the readers. Stay tuned as we add more. –

Ayaz Pirani's "How Beautiful People Are" – A trans-national, inter-generational poetry of post-colonial love and loss animated by the syncretizing figure of Kabir and drawn from the extraordinary diwan of ginan and granth literature.

Carl Watts' "I Just Wrote This Five Minutes Ago" – A book of poetry criticism that shows how contemporary poetry creates meaning and value, how poetry might get real work out of us, in the process locating and grounding us among real people and a real practice.

Mike Chaulk's "Night Lunch" is a shapeshifting sonnet sequence set in the cold waters off the North Coast of Labrador. Reflecting Chaulk’s own experience, the speaker—a young deckhand—endures long irregular work hours, weather, icebergs, and loneliness, all the while navigating the taut intersections of race, labour, class, and masculinity
Kevin Heslop's "the correct fury of your why is a mountain" – Poems that are by turns experiment, lyric, and incantation, and that Jim Johnstone describes as “one of the most promising poetic projects to come out of Canada in recent years.”

Khashayar Mohammadi's "Me, You, Then Snow" – The debut full-length collection from Iranian-born poet, Khashayar Mohammadi, playing with ideas of national, cultural, and queer identities through a diverse set of forms and approaches.

Event Details

Start Date May 15, 2022
End DateMay 15, 2022
Time3:00pm - 5:00pm
Location K|F|B East – Great Escape Bookstore, 957 Kingston Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 1S8

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