Intangible Adorations Caravan


STAN WADLOW PARK, 373 Cedarvale Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 4K7

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As a mad and disabled artist, Lisa Anita Wegner is committed to the idea of public art that is truly accessible, and to eliminating barriers of poverty and disability that too often get in the way of underserved communities experiencing art. Lisa’s work explores the possibilities of Madness and disability as a source of communal activation; and IAC specifically aims to reclaim the performing caravan not as a site of display, but rather as a site of world-dismantling potentiality. 

When the Caravan rolls into a neighbourhood as darkness falls, mysterious magic will be unleashed in a spectacle suitable for all ages as we attempt to make contact with the Icon, a legendary figure who vanished several years ago. The Caravan appears in unexpected locales, adding the element of surprise; and its disappearance following the performance leaves the attendees with a lingering sense of wonder. 

Performances will be running in various pop-up locations across the GTA starting in June and running through September 2022. More information can be found on the IAC Website.

Event Details

Start Date September 07, 2022
End DateSeptember 07, 2022
Time6:30pm - 9:00pm
Location STAN WADLOW PARK, 373 Cedarvale Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 4K7

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