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Book*hug Press Spring/Summer 2021 Season Reveal

It's spring book season and fantastic lists are pouring out from the dynamic independent publishers across the province.

Our good friends at Book*hug have helpfully put together a video preview of their spring and summer books, which we are excited to share.

For fiction, Book*hug is publishing In Memory of Memory by Maria Stepanova (translated Sasha Dugdale), We, Jane by Aimee WallErase and Rewind by Meghan Ball, and The Union of Synchronized Swimmers by Cristina Sandu; for nonfiction, Begin by Telling by Meg Remy (of U.S. Girls) and Permanent Revolution: Essays by Gail Scott; and for poetry, Phantompains by Therese Estacion, Catalogue d'oiseaux by Aaron Tucker, and Duct-Taped Roses by Billeh Nickerson.

Check out the list (and all the beautiful book jackets):

Stay tuned to Open Book for author interviews, excerpts, and more from spring and summer books from Book*hug and tons of other great Ontario publishers.