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Novelist Christine Fischer Guy on the Value of Canadian Stories

Christine Fischer Guy is the author of The Umbrella Mender (Buckrider Books), an award-winning journalist, and a literary critic. She's also one of a number of authors who has lent her voice to the I Value Canadian Stories  initiative, which is calling on the federal government to restore fair compensation to creators and publishers for the use of their works by the education sector.

In a video for I Value Canadian Stories, Guy discusses how she first became a writer (including describing a wonderfully odd story she wrote as a child) and discusses why she is supporting the initiative, describing Canada as "off-side, internationally", referring to the low protections Canadian content creators receive compared to other countries. Other authors who have filmed videos in support include Andrew Pyper, David Chariandy, and Sky Gilbert

I Value Canadian Stories invites anyone supportive of Canadian authors to contact members of the Standing Committees on Industry, Science & Technology, and Canadian Heritage, who are currently writing their final reports for the Copyright Act review, through a simple form on their website