Writer in Residence

National Indigenous Day!

By NShannacappo

June 21st in case you didn't know today is National Indigenous Day!


It's the day you get to celebrate Indigenous people!

Celebrate our culture,

our history,

our languages,

our dances and ceremonies

our way of life


all the Indigenous babies!


I also don't work on this day, like ever, as in I don't go to work, or do work on this day.  

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NShannacappo is a Nakawe graphic novelist and poet from Rolling River First Nation in Manitoba. He's Eagle clan and currently living, working and playing in Ottawa. You can find his stories in the Indigenous anthologies called Sovereign Traces - Not (Just) (An)other, Vol 1 and Sovereign Traces – Relational Constellation, Vol 2. The graphic novel Mashkawide'e (Has a strong heart) was published by Senator Kim Pate and copies can be found by contacting her office. Neal published his own creation, The Krillian Key in November 2020, and is working on If I Go Missing which is being published by James Lorimer & Company Ltd., and Niikaniganaw (All My Relations) commissioned by a group of healthcare researchers.