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Experience literature in a way that’s never been done before at CanLit Authorfest, the most important Cultural Festival to hit Toronto in two years—the Industry has yet to see an event like this before (we checked!)

AuthorFest’s main goal is to showcase the importance of Canada’s authors and book industry, illustrating the vital importance of books to the public and providing a unique networking opportunity for emerging and hobby writers, in a multi-layered event with the type of fanfare usually only seen in the Entertainment Industry, until now.

This all-day festival will be held on Saturday August 6th, 2022 at the refurbished and historical Parkdale Hall, located at 1605 Queen St. West, less than 1km west from Jameson Ave. in Toronto.
Audience doors are 9am; Performances start at 10am. See the venue at

The event is designed and curated by The Artis Media Network’s founder, host, and publisher Ivy Reiss.
The event will be hosted by Ivy Reiss and Crystal Fletcher author & host of All About Canadian Books.

AuthorFest showcases established award-winning Canadian Authors from Ontario’s leading independent trade presses. The event has also curated a must-hear-new-voices section for exceptional emerging authors.

22 Established Authors will give exclusive LIVE performances from their latest works with intimate micro interviews live on-stage, LIVE book-signings and audience Meet & Greets. The event also features a set of ‘non-performing’ authors, specially curated and paired-up, sharing an 8ft table with an established author.

Featured Publishers include Award-Winning Publishers: Inanna Publications and specialty press Aeolus House.

The GTA’s Award-winning Performing Authors on the bill include: Anne Tait, Heather Babcock, Jean Eng, Allan Briesmaster, Gianna Patriarca, Donna Langevin, Jeff Cottrill, Tom Gannon Hamilton, Richard M Kiernicki and Luisa Morrone.

AuthorFest will accommodate a live audience of up to 400 people with a lot of space to social distance as desired. In addition, there will be exclusive Book-Signings, Meet & Greet opportunities, Keynote Speakers, by popular-demand Publishing Perspectives Panel, Incredible Book Deals, very Special Guests (think celeb-worthy), Raffle, Silent Auction, and even a Red Carpet!

AuthorFest will address the inherent issues with marketing literary art and will provide authors with skills to make their art more accessible via social-media, a skill not heavily embraced in the literature world. Without the written word, Canada’s unique cultural voice risks being lost.

Anne Tait is an award-winning Canadian film producer, screenwriter, novelist, playwright and casting director, with an international career for over 45+ years. Anne cast both the Anne of Green Gables miniseries and all 7 seasons of Road to Avonlea. She produced the epic, international award-winning movie Iron Road, and wrote the novel based on it. Anne will share her journey into Canadian history while creating Iron Road, a love story as Chinese workers build the transcontinental CN railroad in the 1880s, starring Sam Neill, Peter O’Toole, Luke Macfarlane, and Sun Li. Anne is also launching her #StopAsianHate initiative.

Luisa Morrone, Motivational Speaker, Social Media Influencer and “Content Creator” on Facebook, is like a female Tony Robbins—the only difference is, for this event, Authors already know what their passion is. Luisa tells us that we MUST embrace Social Media if we are to keep the younger generation engaged with books and the written word. She will inspire, teach, and give some insider knowledge on how to overcome an aversion to social media and how to generate income from it. This is an essential tool for all Authors and a must, if we are to save the book and publishing industry.
The all-day event is fully catered by with a 3-course, gourmet vegan and gluten-free Asian-Caribbean fusion-inspired menu, hand-made with fresh plant-based foods: 6 different appetizers, a main course, and for dessert: Coconut Cake with Maple Almond-Butter Cinnamon Glaze (naturally gluten-free).

Super-Early Bird TICKETS are available NOW and include the 3-course gourmet meal (graze at your leisure all day), and all of the above! Order 2 tickets NOW for $128.00 (tax in) online at: ($260 regular price follows)¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬.

The event will also feature live entertainment and an exclusive violin performance, distinct high-quality local vendors, incredible Raffle prices (books, beauty and skin care by Paula’s TRI Miracle, yoga classes, catered meals and food plans from, writing classes, gift certificates and more).

FOR TICKETS: Visit or send enquiries via the “Contact” tab or email with inquiries or E-Transfer option for tickets to

Event Details

Date August 06, 2022
TimeAll day
Location Parkdale Hall, 1605 Queen St W, Toronto, M6R 1A9 (Accessible)