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Catherine Bush & Saleema Nawaz

Catherine Bush & Saleema Nawaz

The Koffler’s Books & Ideas series is thrilled to present bestselling author, Catherine Bush, in an online conversation with award-winning, Montreal-based writer, Saleema Nawaz.

Koffler Centre of the Arts

30/11/2020 07:00 pm

30/11/2020 08:00 pm


Catherine Bush’s Blaze Island is “a beautiful, far-seeing, and fiercely intelligent novel,” writes author Claudia Dey, “about the most critical question of our time: the weather systems that threaten to collapse us both from outside and from within.” The novel asks how far a parent will go to create a safe world for a child and what the children of today will need to do in order to imagine a future for themselves.

In an online conversation with award-winning, Montreal-based writer, Saleema Nawaz, both writers will speak about their timely novels, Blaze Island and Songs for the End of the World, which incorporate largely-realistic fictional narratives to reimagine the contemporary global threats of climate change and pandemic.

FREE, registration required. Books & Ideas was launched with the generous support of Dorothy Shoichet & Family and the Estate of Joseph Koenig. Books & Ideas Media Partner, The Toronto Star.