Old Book and Paper Show

The city's largest one-day show/sale of vintage paper and books

Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie St., Toronto


Hardcore collectors line up before opening. At 10am they're off to scour the show for what they love. The younger cohort shows up after brunch. These folks tend to browse and linger, considering and comparing, ultimately buying some cool item.

Old paper, ephemera, antique photography and vintage books - every conceivable type of vintage printed material, all under one roof. Collectors and dealers in old paper, ephemera and vintage books get together for the biggest one-day vintage print sale of the year. 70 tables piled high with vintage paper galore, plus rare and antique books.

Categories include old advertising, travel, concert and movie posters, comics, vintage photography, brochures, vintage sewing patterns, postcards, prints, maps, magazines, old paperbacks, out of print books, sports memorabilia, antique maps, rare, unusual and antiquarian books and more.