Outside In

A writing workshop tied to Ydessa Hendeles' exhibition The Milliners' Daughter

The Power Plant, 231 Queens Quay W


Anyone can be welcomed in some circles and turned away from others. Everything from the way we look, to our friends, family, and beliefs can affect our perceptions of self and the roles we are expected to play in society. These ideas are examined in Ydessa Hendeles’ The Milliners’ Daughter, presented by The Power Plant from June 24th-September 4th, 2017.

Outside In is a hands-on writing workshop that invites participants to consider different perspectives about outsiders and insiders. After a guided tour of the exhibition, writers will be invited to create and share new pieces of flash fiction, poetry or memoir in a safe and non-critical environment.

Read more about Ydessa Hendeles, The Milliner’s Daughter and the workshop program at The Power Plant’s website.