The Art Bar Poetry Reading Series

The Free Times Cafe, 320 College Street

Zachary Jones is a creative writing student at the University of Toronto studying under soon to be dead but still important women and men. His poetry is a confused empathetic experiment shouted at bars and salons over the city. He loves his mother and loves his brother and will have a book out when he's good and ready. Jones poetry can be recited appropriately to friends and enemies so bring both and see both in him. The To

Kate Sorbara been attending writing groups for twenty years, sometimes organizing them and sometimes being organized. Either way, she believes in their magic. Her chapbook, Burnt River, is in its second printing.

Mugabi Augustine Ateenyi Olatokumbo Byenkya was born in Nigeria to Ugandan parents and has spent his life living across Africa, Asia and North America. Mugabi is a writer, poet and rapper who has honed his craft through writing workshops, poetry slams,