Toronto New School of Writing presents Poetry Fit to Print and Fold

A Chapbook Workshop with Kevin Spenst

Knife Fork Book/Rick's Cafe, 281 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, ON

In this action-packed two hours, we’ll go through the writing process from start to finish: writing from fresh prompts coming from award-winning websites along with prompts of our own creation; editing with some time-tested techniques based on ideas from poets around the world; coming up with chapbook ideas drawn from some of the most innovative work in Canada; and exploring ways to make our readings more dynamic for audiences of any size. Poetry is an exploration of what’s at play in language and in our workshop we’ll inject that attitude into all the stages of writing from conception to performance. Bring a laptop or a pen(cil) and notebook, and be ready to write from your heart, mind and body.
Price: $45.00
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