Touching Strangers: Being afraid in a hazardous world with author Stacey Madden

Barbara Frum Library- 20 Covington Rd. Toronto, ON M6A 3C1


Join us at Barbara Frum Library where Toronto-based author Stacey Madden will be reading from, discussing, and answering questions about his most recent novel, Touching Strangers. December 13, 2017, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Room B. Call 416-395-5440 for details. No registration required.

About the Book:
Touching Strangers follows a couple of 20-something hypochondriac Torontonians as the city is struck by a mysterious disease. The two must come to terms with the all-too-real possibility that illness, and even death, is closer than they ever imagined. Touching Strangers examines what it means to be young and afraid in a world more hazardous than we want to believe.

About the Author:
Stacey Madden is the author of two novels, Poison Shy and Touching Strangers. He also contributes to several other publications including The Globe and Mail, and Quill & Quire.