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Featured Video: Marc Raboy on his RBC Taylor Prize nominated Marconi Biography

The idea of the radio as cutting edge technology may seem quaint in 2017, but it's almost impossible to overestimate the impact Marconi's invention had on the world. From commodities trading, with markets around the world suddenly able to communicate, to military campaigns, with commanders able to connect with the front lines, and later, media, with the home radio revolutionizing how information was controlled. 

Acclaimed author and scholar Marc Raboy has written a new and definitive biography of the man who brought about the changes -- a man who, it can be argued, laid the original groundwork for globalization. Marconi: The Man Who Networked the World (Oxford University Press) is nominated for the 2017 RBC Taylor Prize for Nonfiction, which rewards the finest book of non-fiction published each year. 

We're pleased to present the third in our video interview series with the Taylor Prize finalists, courtesy of and produced by the RBC Taylor Prize, speaking with Marc about Marconi. He shares about the many countries around the world where Marconi's legacy is still strongly felt, about the book's international reception, and what is up next for him. 

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