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Lisa de Nikolits Pulls Back on the Curtain on the Writing Life with "Writer for a Year"

We know what a writer's life looks like in the movies: either endless parties and adoration, jet setting and publicity - or gritty whiskey-swilling and existential angst. 

But how about a more realistic view? What does life look like for a working writer today, in Canada? Lisa de Nikolits, author of eight novels, aims to tell people just that, with her ambitious Writer for a Year project. 

As she outlines in the first video (below), de Nikolits been a writer for a lot longer than a year, but this project is to be a year-long glimpse into the nitty-gritty of a writing life. Festivals, edits, grants, re-writes, blog tours, conferences, and of course, writing, will feature in the video series, which is well underway now with a whopping 26 videos so far since starting in January. 

De Nikolits sets out to show both the fun and the challenges of the writing process and life, focusing on her new book Rotten Peaches (Inanna Publications), and its promotion, translation, and publicity for many of the videos (including trips to New York and Milan). She is candid and charming and for anyone wondering what life as a writer might look like, the videos are a refreshing new resource.