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Photos! Poets go Glam at the Griffin Prize Gala

There's no bigger bash for poetry (or arguably, for books in Canada) than the Griffin Prize Gala - and no better place to see your favourite poets cut a rug. On June 8, 2017 poets, publishers, book media, donors, and more gathered at Toronto's Distillery District to celebrate all things poetry. 

The winners were announced: Alice Oswald won the International Griffin Prize for her collection Falling Awake (Jonathan Cape/W.W. Norton & Company) while Jordan Abel won the Canadian Griffin Prize for his collection Injun (Talonbooks). Then it was time to dance, celebrate, and revel in a night dedicated to poetry, poets, and poetry lovers. 

Check out our interview will all of the nominated writers, and don't miss photos from the event itself (below), courtesy of the Griffin Trust. 

Grif Gala 17 2k Sandler 0053

Maureen Scott Harris, Kitty Lewis, Erin Knight, Adam Dickinson

Grif Gala 17 2k Sandler 0055

Joan Naviyuk Kane, Dale Smith, Hoa Nguyen

Grif Gala 17 2k Sandler 0076

Jordan Abel, Chelsea Novak, Kevin Williams, Heidi Waechtler

Grif Gala 17 2k Sandler 0140

Adam Sol, Erin Knight, Adam Dickinson

Grif Gala 17 2k Sandler 0149

Soraya Peerbaye & Bianca Spence

Grif Gala 17 2k Sandler 0151

Mark Medley & Alana Wilcox

Grif Gala 17 3t Sandler 0234

Abdellatif Laabi & Krystyne Griffin

Grif Gala 17 4t Sandler 0604

Frank Bidart

Grif Gala 17 5a Sandler 0688

Susan G. Cole, Jessica Cooney, Melissa Shirley

Grif Gala 17 5a Sandler 0799

Erin Soros

Grif Gala 17 6t Sandler 0995

Lois Lorimer, Catherine Graham, Susan Perly (Dennis Lee in background)


For more information about the Griffin Prize, please visit their website