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#WritingTips Mondays: Rebecca Solnit – "It Takes Time"


Activist and writer Rebecca Solnit has written a whopping 17 books, in addition to publishing essays in the most prestigious journals and magazines in the world. A Guggenheim Fellow (amongst her many honours), she got an extra bump of exposure in recent years for her funny – and slightly exasperated – online essay "Men Explain Things to Me", from which the now-ubiquitous term "mansplaining" is thought to have derived, and which was later expanded into a book of the same name. In the essay, Solnit recounts a man at a party explaining her recent book to her, not knowing she was the author and assuming the book was written by a man.

Earlier this month, Lit Hub published a list of writing tips and advice from Solnit. They are not to be missed, especially for the non-fiction writers out there. From her thoughts on facts to time to joy, Solnit's practical, no-nonsense advice is a great shot in the arm for writers at any stage of their career or writing life. Don't miss this valuable advice from one of the best in the biz.

Grace O'Connell is the Contributing Editor for Open Book: Toronto and the author of Magnified World (Random House Canada). She also writes a book column for This Magazine.

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