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New Book Trailer Offers a Peek at the Stunning Illustrations in Nancy Vo's The Ranger

Nancy Vo's The Ranger (Groundwood Books) is the second book in the Crow Stories trilogy (following her acclaimed debut, The Outlaw), and like the first instalment, it showcases the writer/illustrator's unique and arresting talent and aesthetic.

Moody, stark, and visually arresting, The Ranger follows its titular hero, beginning when she finds a fox caught in a trap and agrees to free it. An unusual friendship springs up between the two, and when the unexpected happens, the Ranger's act of kindness, and her new fox friend, makes all the difference. 

Glimpse into a picture book that immediately sets itself apart with this short trailer, courtesy of Groundwood Books:

For more information on The Ranger and Nancy Vo, please visit the Groundwood Books website