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A Behind the Scenes Glimpse of How Picture Books are Illustrated with Nathalie Dion

cover_big bad wolf

Have you ever dreamed of illustrating a children's book? Montreal-based artist Nathalie Dion has shared a fascinating glimpse of the work that goes into every element of every page of the books she illustrates. 

Groundwood Books is famous for the beautiful artwork of its picture books, and Valérie Fontaine's The Big Bad Wolf in My House, illustrated by Dion (and translated by Shelley Tanaka) is a stunning example of why.

Dion's patient video, which combines her beautiful sketches and specially created textures with her Photoshop prowess (that steady hand!), breaks down both the technical and thematic thought process behind the illustrations. 

The Big Bad Wolf in My House tells a moving story about domestic violence through the eyes of a small child, ending on a hopeful note and allowing adults to discuss a difficult subject that sadly touches the lives of many children. 

Our thanks to Nathalie and Groundwood Books for sharing this unique peek into the illustration process.