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BIPOC of Publishing in Canada Has Created a Mentorship Program

For people of colour, breaking into the world of publishing can be challenging. BIPOC of Publishing in Canada, a group dedicated to promoting inclusivity in the industry, has set out to alleviate some of that difficulty with a new mentorship program.

The initiative is designed to match more established people of colour with those who are newcomers to publishing, allowing them to help one another navigate problems and roadblocks together.

“The goal of this mentorship program is to allow both the mentors and mentees to have a better sense of the industry, including, but not limited to, the challenges of navigating publishing, and how to push past or work through them,” BIPOC of Publishing in Canada said of the program.

While currently only available in the Greater Toronto Area, BIPOC of Publishing in Canada are hoping to eventually expand the operation beyond Toronto's borders.

Mentees interested in participating must apply before March 8, and can find the application here

To learn more about BIPOC of Publishing in Canada, visit them on Twitter or email