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May Contest: Win a 3-Pack of Books from Crossfield Publishing!

Mother's Day is coming up fast, and in honour of the day, Crossfield Publishing and Open Book are partnering to give away a 3-pack of their best-selling books to two lucky winners!

The winning contestants will receive these exciting titles from Crossfield:

Hazards of the Trade - A Boutique Owner's Intimate Reveal of the 1980s and 90s Lingerie Boom - Phyllis L Humby

"Hazards of the Trade is an intimate exposé of the retail fashion industry during the 80s and 90s when lingerie was most popular. The era began with retailers in impossibly high heels and designer suits attending the Ontario Fashion Exhibitors market at the prestigious King Edward Hotel and ended with buyers in rubber-soled shoes and stretch pants at the Airport Centre. While high-end fashion shows and buying trips might seem glamorous, evading a stalker and trying to evict a rabid squirrel from the shop, might not. But it was all part of being in the Trade. That, and so much more. Hazards of the Trade is a personal disclosure of nearly twenty years of humorous and sad reflections from the naïve start-up of a small-town lingerie boutique to the ultimate farewell."

Elect Her - Still Struggling To Be Recognized As Equals - Fred Groves

"In 1917, Canadian women were granted the right to vote. Over 100 years later, and despite the fact that this country has 52 percent women and 48 percent men, the fight to get equal representation in all levels of government continues. So what is it that prevents women from putting their name on the ballot and demanding an equal voice? ‘Elect Her’, -Still struggling to be recognized as equals, takes an in depth look at those women who have overcome the barriers and have not only been elected but go on to have long and rewarding careers as politicians. This grassroots book highlights the careers of those who have been Federal Opposition Leaders and Cabinet Ministers to municipal councillors who are just learning what it’s like to enter the political arena dominated by men. ‘Elect Her’ also explores women and their numerous organizations who continue to advocate for those who want a seat at the decision-making table."

The Wrong Brother - Fran L. Porter

"Fran L. Porter’s second book has taken a very different direction from her first. Proceeds from When the Ship has no Stabilizers (Crossfield, 2014), her account of daughter Colleen’s struggle with a mental illness that culminated in suicide, helped open a treatment clinic and led to Fran and husband Andy’s being named Calgary’s 2017 ‘Philanthropic Family of the Year’. “That was a humbling silver lining to a tale with a tragic end,” says Fran. “In real life, of course, a story’s end is beyond our control. But in fiction, the end can be as emotionally fulfilling as both reader and author desire. And who doesn’t desire an emotionally-fulfilling ending?” Her new romantic suspense novel, The Wrong Brother, takes us on a roller-coaster ride that leaves us dizzy by the time it glides to a breathless stop. Gripping danger and all-consuming love combine in its pages to produce an eminently satisfying conclusion."

To enter, simply follow Crossfield Publishing on Twitter, then tag Crossfield and Open Book in a post telling us why you love your mom!

Contest closes May 18. Winners will be informed via Twitter DM. Good luck and happy reading!